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[Dragon] Hybrid Korean Car Wash Sponge Mitt Pad 1 pack

[Dragon] Hybrid Korean Car Wash Sponge Mitt Pad 1 pack

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The [Dragon] is the most versatile wash product on the market. It works as a mitt or as a pad/sponge, and can be dialed into your desired thickness.

The [Dragon] hybrid sponge mitt measures 9”x8” it is the perfect size to be easily handled. There is an opening on one end, which will allow your hand to enter for mitt washing. We supply you with two layers of removable foam inner. If you prefer a thicker, and more absorbent sponge, install both layers of foam. For a lightweight and flexible wash pad, remove all layers of foam. Use one layer of foam for something in between.

We suggest using this hybrid sponge mitt with a Grit Guard Washboard and a 2-bucket wash method to ensure that you are always wiping with a clean pad. When you are done blast the pad with your hose or pressure washer to remove any residue that is left behind. 


Blend: 70/30

Material: Plush

Edge Type: Edgeless

Made in South Korea

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