Autofiber Products Will Level Up Your Detailing Business: Tested and Proven

Take your detailing business or side hustle to the next level with the worlds leading microfibre supplier.

Autofiber Australia is owned by active detailing professionals, so you can trust that our range has been tried & tested by the pros.

We believe in providing the highest quality microfibre that'll last years and ensure a flawless finish, whether you're washing, polishing or coating your vehicle - Autofiber has the solution!

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Our vision is to equip enthusiast car owners & detailers (like us) with the world’s finest microfibre. We want you to experience the safest, most efficient & highest quality microfibre in the world!

Listen up car freaks and geeks out there! No more tossing away all that cheap microfibre - our planet doesn't like it! Use premium microfibre that will last longer and also provide a much more superior result - delivering a better result, happy customers & a cleaner planet. It's worth the extra $$

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Premium Mircrofiber

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  • Straightline Detailing

    From start to finish, the team at Autofiber Australia are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

    I would highly recommend Autofiber Australia to anyone in need of high-quality car care products. Their commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service makes them a standout in the industry.

    Thank you for the fantastic service time after time!

  • Mark Nightingale

    Products from here are fantastic. Great communication and friendly, helpful advice from Jo. I work in a store that sells microfibers and still only buy them from Autofiber Australia now! Hands down great to deal with all round.

  • Jethro Rockett

    I procrastinated over buying the saver applicators for way to long if you're intrigued by them buy them, I've found them to be a huge improvement to coating in every way, this naturally lead me to trying autofiber microfiber cloths aswell and they are in a field of their own and amazing quality

    The guys at Autofiber Australia are legends aswell really helpful and fast! despatch

    Great products and a great local distributor

  • Matt Duggan

    Absolute pleasure to deal with and provide the highest quality microfibre solutions that we use on EVERY job. Affordable, first class service, proud to be aligned with a business that actually cares. These guys always take on feedback, ask for feedback and constantly want to get better rather than just take your money and try and get rich! Credit to those behind the scenes

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