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FREE Detailer's Essentials PACK - Worth Over $90! Try Before You Buy!

FREE Detailer's Essentials PACK - Worth Over $90! Try Before You Buy!

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Try Before You Buy!  That way you will know it's a No Brainer to use Autofiber in your business! 

We understand, when it comes to professional detailing and protection, you really do have to try before you buy.  That's why we have provided this package for a very limited time only so that you can see firsthand why our Autofiber range literally are not just game changers...but business transformers.

In this pack, we have provided our most popular products that are extremely popular for ceramic coating services, interior detailing, drying and more!  

What's Included:

4x 300gsm 70/30 blend Utility Towels
These are made of the most finest yarn, making them perfect for leveling coatings.  Most detailers only require 4 towels to level most ceramic coatings without leaving any high spots!  You'll recognise the power of using premium microfibre instead of bulk 36 packs as you'll use far less and will discover an even superior finish of your detailing service.  

2x Saver Applicators
The Saver Applicators are incredible for making coating application not only easier, but to also ensure evening coverage, versatility, and efficiency as less product is required!  Our Mini Saver is great for intricate areas or for smaller hands, whilst our flagship Thin Saver is ideal for all surfaces...but sometimes it just comes down to personal preference!  Reuse these as tyre shine applicators (after you wash them of course)

1x Amphibian Drying Towel
The Amph' is a blend of both Plush and Twist Pile microfibre, giving you the best of both worlds.  Test this towel out as not only will you find the two different sides complement each other, you will also experience the premium quality of Autofiber's Plush microfibre found in our Motherfluffer drying towels, and the unmatched ease of the twist prile found in our Dreadnoughts.  The Amphibian is an incredible drying towel!

1x Double Flip Glass Towel
Glass cleaning can be so problematic, but these twist pile and waffle-weaved flip towels are perfect for pro detailers.  Just one towel has 4 sides, allowing you to easily clean all the glass and internal glossy trims with just the one!  Detailers are stoked with these as they address the common 'linting' issue and the dreaded streaks you can see in the glass!

1x Scrub Ninja
It's no secret interior detailing can drag out like no tomorrow.  Having the right tools and accessories is what counts most!  The Scrub Ninja is ideal for cleaning all surfaces, especially textured plastics, and granular surfaces like leather as well as gear shifters, buttons, and stalks - It is the safest scrubber you'll ever use!

1x Flat Out Wash Pad
Typically, as long as you're using a microfibre wash mitt, you're in the clear right...?  Wrong!  The wash mitt needs to be uber soft and absorbent, super versatile and effective.  It's a real paint when you see microfibre fibers getting caught up around badges and emblems - The Flat Out doesn't have any of those problems!  This wash mitt is a complete game-changer!  

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