About us

Autofiber Australia is owned and operated by Clean Getaway Car Detailing on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We have served our city for a decade in Professional Detailing and now we provide the worlds best microfibre for everyone!  Premium Autofiber microfibre is not only available for the Professionals out there, it's easily accessible for the passionate car enthusiast or beginner car cleaner EXCLUSIVELY on our website.  

Autofiber is exactly that! Autofiber focus on affordable quality car care products; testing, researching, and bringing us innovative microfiber products years after years. Autofiber means Quality You Can Trust.


About Autofiber

Autofiber is a family run business in sunny San Diego, California specializing in premium Automotive microfibre. They have been designing, manufacturing, wholesaling and distributing the highest quality microfibre cleaning products for over 20 years. That’s right, they were here at the beginning, trying to convince professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts that microfibre is superior to cotton for auto care. Wow! Have things changed. Now everybody knows what microfibre is, and it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t have it in their arsenal. Microfibre is EVERYWHERE. We don’t need to convince you that you need microfibre, we need to convince you that you need high quality from a reputable source.

Now that everyone knows and uses microfibre products there has been an explosion of low quality, poorly manufactured versions that look and feel like the real deal, but are low quality and poor performing (and can cause damage).  

We decided a long time ago that we would focus on making products from high quality materials on well maintained and operated equipment. We have developed decade long relationships with the best materials suppliers and factories in China, and South Korea, and with Autofiber we want to bring that to you.

With Autofiber microfiber products you can rest assured that you are using the highest quality tools for your detailing profession or obsession.

Take advantage of our Free Shipping when you spend over $200 and you can also use After Pay for a simple payment method.