Who makes the Best Microfiber for Auto Detailing?

Who makes the Best Microfiber for Auto Detailing?

There are a lot of options when it comes to Microfiber for Auto Detailing

 Here red is a list of our top 3 favorite Microfiber for Car Care Companies:

  • Microfiber Madness
  • The Rag Company
  • Towel Pros

 Microfiber Madness

Microfiber Madness might as well be called Microfiber Badass

They make amazing, high quality products with excellent and innovative designs.

They have done a lot to up the quality standards of microfiber products across the professional auto detailing industry.

Their headquarters are in Germany, and they have a great network of distributors across the globe. 

In the USA, their distribution is handled by one of the best companies in the industry Sky’s the Limit, who is also the main distributor of other great product lines, like CarPro and KxK Dynamics. Cory Carruth, the owner of Sky’s the Limit, is on the forefront of the industry, always working with the most innovative companies and product lines.


The Rag Company

The Rag Company is more than just a towel company. They are a multi-media tour-de-force.

They are content creators, leveraging the power of social media to spread the word about quality detailing and microfiber products.

Their media presence includes:

  • YouTube 
  • Podcasts: DETALKS
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

They are a family run business in Boise, Idaho. Husband and Wife, Jeff and Carolyn Hennen, run the operation with help from their son Dane (Muti-Media Production Extraordinaire). 

They have, on staff, professional detailer and product expert Levi Gates, and all around good dude Anthony Fisher, who are constantly pumping out amazing content.

Oh ya… and their microfiber products are amazing too!

Towel Pros

Towel Pros is a true labor of love for full time school teacher Robert Regan

Towel Pros is known industry wide for their second-to-none customer service. They have a great selection of quality microfiber products at amazing prices.

If you want to support a company and small family business which is built on true love and passion, look no further than Towel Pros.

We may have left one or two other Great Microfiber for Detailing companies out, but this list is complete with these three choices!

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