What is GSM? What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for grams per square meter (g/m2), it is the weight (in grams) of a square piece of the fabric one meter wide by one meter wide. Material with a higher GSM weighs more than material, of the same size, with a lower GSM.

Higher GSM is typically thicker, and if there is a pile, it is more plush. Heavier towels will absorb more liquid than lighter towels.

Most general use microfiber is between 200-350 GSM. Since the lower weights usually have a lower pile, they are less likely to streak or lint on glass and are a bit more aggressive and abrasive. Heavier weights are more durable and have a more gentle cleaning action because the fibers are longer providing more cushion. 300GSM is the most popular weight for microfiber towels.

Towels 360GSM and over and typically used for surfaces that need to be treated with extra care (automotive finishes, musical instruments). The higher pile pulls debris away from the surface where it is less likely to scratch the during the wiping process.

Higher GSM is often confused with quality. While higher GSM towels are more expensive (with all else being equal), there are other factors that determine the quality of a material. When it comes to microfiber the grade of yarn, its fineness (how thick it is – thinner is better), the quality of the construction (weave, knit, and finishing), and the blend (ratio of polyester to polyamide) are more indicative of quality than the GSM.

We have high quality low GSM towels made with quality yarns, materials and processes.