Wheel Woolies 4 Pack

Wheel Woolies 4 Pack
Wheel Woolies 4 Pack
Wheel Woolies 4 Pack

For years we have been looking for great quality wheel brushes, but every single type we tried never met our expectations in the quality or how good/safe they were to use. Then we came upon the Wheel Woolies, which at first look seemed like the worlds most expensive toilet brush set, but upon using them we were converted. Now many years on, we use them almost daily and still have not broken any of them. The brush set is for fanatics who are happy to pay for great quality!

  • NEW 2018 red and black Wheel Woolies, the ultimate brush set for delicate and expensive wheels
  • Made from super absorbent, soft, wool-like microfibre that won't scratch and is long lasting
  • Won't cover you in splatter like bristle wheel brushes do - we love this!! 
  • Not affected by our chemicals - perfect to us with our Wheely Clean or Orange Agent cleaners 
  • No metal, so you will never damage or scratch your wheels
  • 4 Brush set, ideal for epic and safe cleaning around all types of wheels
  • Big Fluffy - Long handled for easy cleaning inside deep dish wheels
  • Miss Pokey - Tweener sized, for more difficult areas that Big Fluffy cannot go
  • Tight Spot - For places like between tighter spokes and calipers, where nothing else can fit
  • Little Kinky - Not straight, loves to get in behind brake calipers and spokes 
  • You can use these brushes to clean hard to reach places like in engine bays, inner door jambs, even inside exhaust pipes! 
  • Yes we know they are expensive, but the quality is the best we have ever found 

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