Bowden's Own Bugger Off

Bowden's Own Bugger Off
Bowden's Own Bugger Off

With so many late model cars and bikes having plastic and polycarboante parts that can be affected by traditional bug cleaning products, we needed to find a safe solution. We worked with a group of professional detailers to develop this formula, that is very safe and still super effective at cleaning bug strike marks from your car, bike and truck.

  • Specially made to clean off bug splatter fast. A must for every road trip
  • Powerful citrus formula, formulated to target Aussie bug splatter
  • Super effective, for easy use on your car, truck, caravan and bike (including bike helmets)
  • Unique enzymes quickly penetrate to break down and dissolve bug splatter
  • pH neutral. Won’t remove quality waxes, sealants or paint protection
  • Safe on all paints, glass, plastics, rubber, fibreglass, headlights, fairings, number plates, grills, & bullbars
  • Leaves a clean finish, washes off with water and no residue
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable formula
  • Won't always get rid of annoying people

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