Sample Kit [TEST & TRY] Microfibre Pack

Sample Kit [TEST & TRY] Microfibre Pack

Here we have our new Sample Kit for you to try out!


Test out the variety of Microfibre towels we have on offer without needing to purchase them in large quantities!  We understand that you may not LOVE everything, so we want to give you the opportunity to try it out before committing to big packs - it's so simple!


What's Included:

1x Dreadnought Drying Towel

1x Motherfluffer 1100gsm drying towel

1x THIN Saver Applicator

1x Double Flip Glass Towel

1x 360gsm Microfibre Towels

1x  470gsm Korean Plush Towels 

1x 300gsm Ulitity Cloths (Coating Leveling)


With over $120 of beautiful Microfibre value, you get All this for just $99!


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